A well known secret!
EPAKS has been supplying American Kenpo studios and individuals patches for many years.
And on occassion, helping studios develop and produce their own logos patches.

Don't see a patch you want or want us to help make one for you? Click here.

›› American Kenpo Crest (aka Unity Crest)

When this crest was first announced, EPAKS knew it was a step in the right direction.
That is why we are supplying these crest for only the cost of shipping. That's right, they are free for anyone who asks!
Just specify the number of patches to your order (limit 5 per order / per size).

Also as a courtesy, we will add a few patches (of both size) to any order made from this website.

Large Patch - 6"H x 4.75"W (for adult chest)
Small Patch - 4"H x3.25"W (for adult sleeve / or child chest)



›› Ed Parker's American Kenpo System Rocker

Show the system the you train in - with pride and style.
These patches are the perfect size to go above the yantra patch on your shoulder.

Patch size - 2"H x 5.5"W


›› Yantra

The yantra is the perfect patch to put on your shoulder.
These patches are designed to perfectly fit under the Ed Parker's American Kenpo System patches on your shoulder.

Patch size - 3"